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FEP tube

FEP tube

FEP pipe excellent high temperature, low temperature performance, weather resistance, resistance to oil. Fire or else, the oxygen index is high, non-absorbent, excellent radiation resistance, such as long-term exposure in the atmosphere, the surface and the performance remains basically unchanged ; Excellent dielectric properties, high voltage; excellent corrosion resistance, almost no solvent, in the strong acid Wang water, strong alkali thick light sodium oxide, strong corrosion agent uranium pentafluoride will not corrosion; Good, static friction coefficient is the smallest plastic, self-lubricating performance is excellent, there is a special surface of non-sticky; good tensile strength.

Product Details

Polyfluoroethylene propylene ( FEP , F46 ) casing

Order Code Code:

FEP 0860 0


Teflon Specification Size Color Code Color No.C

FEP tube outside diameter



Color code

Nature Nature Black Black   Red Red Other


1. FEP tube commonly known as F46 tube, which is by the poly perfluoroethylene propylene resin by adding (or not adding) additives derived from extrusion. Has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, chemical resistance, insulation and non-sticky and so on. FEP tube has excellent chemical inertness, almost no chemical solvent, do not absorb the ordinary acid, even at 200 ℃ for up to a year of contact time.

2. Temperature: -180 ℃ to 180 ℃. At the same time with high transparency, UV, visible light has a good penetration; relative to other plastic has the lowest refractive index.

3. Working pressure: 15kg / cm 2

4. Note: The larger the pipe diameter, the smaller the working pressure.

Product Application :

Aerospace, instrumentation, medical and pharmaceutical, electrical and electronic, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, metallurgical power, household appliances, lighting and lighting. Its main purpose is for the production of pipe and chemical equipment lining, the drum surface and a variety of wires and cables, such as aircraft hook line, booster cable, alarm cable, flat cable and oil well logging cable. The FEP film has been used as a thin coating for solar collectors.

It has similar properties to polytetrafluoroethylene and has good processability for thermoplastics. So it makes up for the lack of PTFE processing difficulties, making it a substitute for polytetrafluoroethylene propylene materials, wire and cable production is widely used in high temperature and high frequency use of electronic equipment transmission wire, electronic computer internal connection Line, aerospace, and its special purpose installation line, oil pump cable and submersible motor winding wire insulation layer.

☆ Teflon casing specifications :