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  • FEP tube

    FEP tube FEP pipe excellent high temperature, low temperature performance, weather resistance, resistance to oil. Fire or else, the oxygen index is high, non-absorbent, exc...Read More

  • PFA tube

    PFA tube PFA tubes are mainly used in aerospace transportation technology, medical equipment, electronic products, components and insulators, chemical and pharmaceutical, f...Read More

  • Teflon heat shrink tubing

    Teflon heat shrink tubing The heat-shrinkable pipe is mainly used for the insulation protection and pressure relief of the connection welding and the identification of the area covered by t...Read More

  • PU trachea

    PU trachea PU tube trachea Features: ◆ 1, with excellent flexibility, bending radius is small; good shock resistance; working temperature and working pressure range. <...Read More

  • PVC insulation sleeve

    PVC insulation sleeve PVC insulation sleeve Product Features: Non-toxic products, non-phthalic acid Product quality Light, soft, transparent, working temperature: -40 ~ + 150 ℃ can be c...Read More

  • Double - layer flame - retardant gas pipe

    Double - layer flame - retardant gas pipe PU anti-spatter tube ☆ Products: ◆ 1. The inner layer of high resilience TPU (polyurethane) tube, the outer layer of flame retardant resin flame retardant resin, e...Read More

  • FEP heat shrink tubing

    FEP heat shrink tubing (FEP) Heat Shrinkable Tube / FEP Heat Shrinkable Pipe Use Office Machine Roller Bag Copy Paper Machine Roller Bags Dyeing Machine Roller Packs Brush Pack Roller Ba...Read More

  • Woven silicone tube

    Woven silicone tube Silicone working temperature: 8 ~ 12kgf / cm ²; ◆ Working temperature: -40 ℃, the temperature is high, the temperature is high, the temperature is high, ~ + 200 ℃....Read More

  • Double open cable protection tube

    Double open cable protection tube (PA), nylon (PA) Features: high flexibility, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, fire resistance, acid, alkali, inorganic salt, water, lubricating oil Use...Read More

  • Double coating pipe

    Double coating pipe Double-layer coating tube Product Description: This coating tube for the double (within the Teflon solvent resistant to strong acid or nylon + outside PU) paint de...Read More

  • Teflon casing

    Teflon casing Teflon Pipe Order Code Ordering Code: TL 0860 0 Teflon Specification Size Color Code No.CPTFE tube OD OD Color No. ODID ☆ Color Code Color No.0. Nature Nature 6 Bl...Read More

  • Food medical silicone tube

    Food medical silicone tube Food medical silicone tube Main features: 1. Non-toxic, odorless, transparent, non-yellowing;  2. Soft, flexible, resistant to kink w...Read More

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