; food-grade tube, plasticizer-free oil pipeline, pu : FDA 21 CFR Font-size: 16px; "> & Nbsp; 178.2010 , & nbsp; 2002/72 / EC & nbsp; includes recently modified regulations font-size: 16px;"> 2007/19 / EC XXXIX BfR , FDA be assured for food use, the series of food-grade hose is absolutely free of organic plastic (DMP , DEP DIBP , DMEP , BMPP DEEP , DPP DHXP , , , DEHP font-size: 16px;"> DNOP , DNP and diphenyl phthalate pu clip stainless steel wire edible oil delivery hose through the country's most stringent no plasticizer certification and GB13115-91 ~ 50% above the concentration of wine Liquid pressure-feeding and vacuum extraction. font-size: 16px; "font-size: 16px;" font-size: > > Span style = "font-family: sans-serif;"> trachea In full compliance with all of the above certification and through professional quality testing, can be assured of the use of the purchase, for any area required.">