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Recruitment PU trachea and other tracheal dealer
- 2017-02-22 -

Shanghai Taiheng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Recruitment has a blank area of cooperation intention Trachea Dealer The company is the production and sales of high quality Plastic hose of the specialized enterprises. We focus on solving the problem of compressed air and liquid media transmission in the process of industrial automation. We focus on R & D and production of first-class, cost-effective rubber and plastic hose. Company-size 1,000M2, plant area font-size: 14px; >> a number of imported production lines, products used in medical, automotive, aerospace, household appliances, industrial automation and other fields. font-size: font-size: font-size: font-size: font-size : 16px; "> Our products are : PU air hose, , oil PU PU tube, wear font-size: 16px; Antistatic PU font-size: 16px; [Font size = Calperi; font-size: 16px; "> PU industrial hose, spiral, telescopic tube, font-size: 16px;"> PU PU Spring tube, PU "Font-size: 0px; font-family: font-size: font-size: 16px;"> clip tube, braided tube, PU PU PU double tube, spray tube, silicone tube, silicone braid, PVC tube, Letter-spacing: 0px; font-family: font-size: 16px; "> font-size: 16px; FP- tube, teflon tube. font-size: 16px; "font-size: 16px;" font-size: > December 2011 was ISO 9001 quality management system certification, in 2012 was TS16949 quality management system certification. The new state-of-the-art national patent (patent number: ZL 2012 2 0483356.1), flame retardant grade to UL-94 V0 level. Our company has the most advanced Japanese production line and extrusion process to ensure product quality, to fill the gaps in the domestic double-layer flame-retardant gas pipe for the automotive welding equipment to provide the best quality flame retardant sprinkler, quality assurance, the relative import products We can significantly reduce the cost of customers. & Nbsp; Welcomed the interest of the tracheal dealer consultation to understand, I will offer preferential terms and your common development.