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The role of the FEP pipe in the converter valve and the operating principle of the converter valve
- 2017-03-13 -

FEP tube < span=""> (converter valve) And other components. Among them, the thyristor is the core of the converter valve, which determines the flow capacity of the converter valve (currently developed in China has 6-inch thyristor, rated flow capacity of 4000 amps), by connecting multiple thyristor components in series The desired system voltage can be obtained. Thyristor trigger mode is divided into electrical triggering and light trigger, ABB and Siemens are among the representatives. The converter valve is the core equipment of the DC transmission project. By connecting the three-phase AC voltage to the DC side in turn to obtain the desired DC voltage and realize the control of the power, the value is about 22 to 25% of the total cost of the converter station, The The design of the converter valve is based on the latest technology and research results of power electronic technology, light control conversion technology, high voltage technology, control technology and pressure equalization technology, cooling technology and high pressure insulating material. The main technical difficulties are: The establishment of the simulation model, the research on the control and suppression of the partial discharge level, the development of the key components of the converter valve, the converter valve cooling and the photoelectricity Conversion technology, control and pressure equalization technology integration; converter valve type test method research.